Instagram Age Filter

Diposting pada – Welcome to meet again with the most handsome admin masyamsu. On this occasion I will give tips on how to get instagram age filter or whose name is How old do i look instagram filter.

Instagram is a social media application owned by Facebook which is currently still popular.

There are so many fans of this Instagram because with Instagram we can find photos and videos of famous artists.

Well, one of the Instagram features that is currently a favorite of users is the filter feature.

Instagram Age Filter
This How to get Instagram Age Filter.

With this filter IG users can certainly produce highlights or stories that are quite cool and interesting.

Now there is a new viral Instagram filter, which is How old do i look on Instagram filters, or many people call it Instagram Age Filter.

Instagram Age Filter

This filter is as the name implies that with this filter can guess your age or your age with the look on your face.

Of course, this is certainly not accurate, because it is random in nature, but it seems a bit accurate.

Because the masyamsu try it stopped at 24 years, but the actual age of the masyamsu is 21.

This possibility is true because the face of this handsome admin can indeed look old.

This is a normal filter, but also interesting and exciting to try, if you make a story, maybe a lot of your friends ask it.

How to Get Instagram Age Filter

  1. First you can open your Instagram application.
  2. Then in the search bar you find ferdaysss.
  3. You click the smile face emoticon icon.
  4. Then find the filter whose name is how old do i look.
  5. Then click the filter name in the upper left corner.
  6. And click save.
  7. Done.

How to Use IG Age Filter

  • You click the camera on your Instagram.
  • Then find the filter whose name is how old do i look.
  • Then tap and hold in the middle.
  • Wait for the filter to work, then a random number will appear
  • If it stops then that’s how your age looks.
  • Click send to share.
  • Done.

Okay that’s the Instagram Age Filter or what is called old how do i look at instagram filter and how to get it, hopefully useful.